We are specialized in construction law.


The legal services of Norra cover all central sectors of commercial law, both domestically and internationally.

We stand by our clients’ business operations in every situation.

Commercial contracts

Contracts are essential part of commercial risk-management. Contracts drafted without sufficient expertise often prove costly for enterprises. Carefully drafted contracts help avoid subsequent ambiguity and disputes. A contract drafted by a specialist mitigates the risks and allows the enterprise to save resources for running the business.

We consider all legal aspects and our client’s special characteristics and needs while advising on contractual issues. This enables us to draft tailored contracts for any situation to safeguard a successful running of business.

We advise our clients on all contractual matters. Our services include, among others, drafting and reviewing contracts as well as assisting on contract negotiations.

Environment, infrastructure and energy

Many of our clients operate on these lines of businesses. We have participated in numerous clean tech projects, which have focused on sustainable use of natural resources and reducing the negative impact on environment caused by business activities. Our specialists are experienced in the laws, procedures and contracts regarding environment, infrastructure and energy industries.

Our team is also experienced in matters relating to nuclear power plant projects, having previously advised our clients on such projects as well as on contracts relating to construction of nuclear power plants.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Disputes must be resolved in businesswise reasonable manner. Therefore, it is preferred to seek legal advice without delay in order to properly assess the situation and to establish different options to resolve the situation.

Often the economically best course of action is to resolve the disputes through negotiation and settlement. During settlement negotiations we will look after the interest of our client and ensure that all relevant aspects are taken into account.

Even though the negotiations would fail, the chance of success in court will be significantly higher as the preparations have been started well in advance. We have decades of experience on dispute resolution in various fields of law and lines of business. We conduct all litigation in a manner ensuring that our client’s interests are met in the best possible way.

We have also acted as arbitrators in disputes between corporations.

Technology, data protection and intellectual property rights

Protecting and utilizing intellectual property increases the value of the company and allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. We have experience on matters concerning transferring, protecting and the commercial exploitation of intellectual property. We have also assisted IT businesses in binding the key personnel to the company as well as in mergers and acquisitions.

It is said that data is the new oil. Oil or not, companies must manage the changes in legislation concerning the use of personal data. When advising our clients our aim is to ensure that data may be used for the necessary business needs while abiding by data protection regulations.

Capital investments and financing

The development and globalization of financing and capital investment markets offer new alternatives for funding the growth of the business, its reorganisation or its economic rehabilitation. Successful funding requires knowledge on the operating methods and the requirements of investors and financial institutions.

We have versatile legal experience on different fields of financing, managing funding projects and transactions.

We have advised capital lenders, venture capital investors and businesses in various funding schemes.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are often large and legally demanding endeavours. They are associated with various legal issues, ranging from tax, contract and business law to intellectual property rights and employment law. Careful and diligent preparations and wide-ranging legal expertise is needed in order to successfully follow through mergers and acquisitions. They usually involve substantial capital and possibly even the life work of the entrepreneur.

We have advised domestic and international clients on mergers and acquisitions in various industries.

Corporate law and corporate advisory

Advising the business management requires not only legal expertise, but also economic understanding to properly assess and manage the associated risks. The increasing commercial regulation sets ever higher standards for the expertise of the business administration.

Properly organizing the business administration lays the groundwork for sustainable and lucrative model of business. Norra’s attorneys and lawyers act as chairmen in shareholder’s meetings and as advisors to the members of the board. With wide-ranging legal and economic experience, we are able to offer legal consulting for corporations with the business interests of our clients in mind.

We advise and assist our clients in every legal issue, regardless of the form of the company. Our services include drafting documents and advising the administration and the shareholders in every corporate law related issue.

Real estate and construction

We advise our clients in all legal matters related to real estate and construction. Our clients consist of multiple construction firms, contractors, public and private sector building developers, real estate owners, planners and other actors associated with real estate and construction. We also advise various industrial and facility constructors.

We have participated in numerous major building projects by assisting with designing and drafting contractual frameworks and with other legal issues. Furthermore, we have experience on contracts regarding facility projects both domestically and abroad.

We know the details and special characteristics of construction disputes and understand how to advise our clients in risk-management, such as in documentation and with acquiring technical accounts so that our client will have a strong negotiating position also in case of a dispute.

We have decades of experience in dispute resolution concerning construction and other projects, both through negotiations and legal means. We are also experienced in arbitrations concerning construction and other projects and have acted as arbitrators in such cases. Our experience in this field allows us to properly assess the risks associated with legal proceedings, and to assist our clients in making decisions concerning dispute situations.

Additionally, we are experienced In matters concerning real estate sales, reorganisations and development projects as well as in matters related to use of land, town planning, processes with the authorities and rental agreements. We advise our clients also with public procurements relating to construction projects.

Employment law

The Employer requires an experienced partner for planning and executing changing employment situations. When the changes are planned and executed carefully, major risks associated with them can be avoided and dispute situations prevented. For example, starting and following through co-operation procedures are often heavy and time-consuming process for the company. We have assisted employers in numerous co-operation procedures and in other matters concerning reductions of employees.

We advise corporations and public entities with changes in employment as well as with any other legal issue related to employment law. Long-term relationships with clients has familiarized us with different lines of businesses and their associated collective labor agreements.

We also advise employers in dispute negotiations concerning employment and public service agreements. We also represent employers in general court proceedings and administrative court proceedings. Additionally, we take care of occupational safety related criminal cases.

Turnarounds, restructuring and bankruptcy

Business turnaround calls for not only legal expertise but also understanding of economics and the functioning of financial institutions. With suitable and proper actions business can become profitable again. A successful turnaround calls for establishment of trust with the creditors and potential new investors.

The turnaround plan includes analysis of business operations and the implementation of corrective actions. Furthermore, debts have to be reorganized. In addition to financing structure also manufacturing process, product range, fields of business, administration and marketing must be sorted out.

Reorganization can be implemented by negotiating with the main creditors or alternatively by restructuring programme, which involves all the creditors.

If the state of insolvency is irreparable, the damage to the creditors and to the entrepreneur can still be mitigated. Prolonging the bankruptcy proceedings increases the losses of the creditors and may make the delaying individuals liable for the damages. Experienced estate administrator determines the most appropriate way to liquidate the assets. For example, finishing an unfinished project increases the liquid assets of the estate. Alternatively, the business could be sold as a whole, thus saving jobs.

We have acted as administrators in reorganizations and bankruptcy estates since 1990’s. We have also assisted our clients in voluntary reorganizations.

Public entities and public procurements

We advise companies and procurement units in legal matters related to public procurements. We have experience on planning and executing procurement methods, drafting procurement contracts and market court proceedings related to public procurements for example in cases related to constructing.

We know especially well the fields of education, social and healthcare and the associated legislation, practices and methods and we are able take into account their special characteristics. We have been involved with PPP projects and their realization, for example in education, social and healthcare fields.

We have ample experience on advising public actors and limited liability companies owned by them. Our branch-specific expertise includes arrangements, corporate issues, litigations and reorganizations related to public administration. Furthermore we offer services to public actors and companies owned by them for example in employment law related issues.